Midnight Madness: NFL Free Agency

Here is the deal as each NFL Free Agent signing goes down I will post them here with an instant analysis :

• Quick thought on the Cromartie trade. I think San Diego wins on this one because I don’t feel Cromartie will ever be an elite corner and to get a 3rd round pick that can turn into a 2nd round is very good value. Don’t know how Rex Ryan will deal with a corner who doesn’t like to tackle.

• The Bears and Chester Taylor have agreed on 4 year and 12.5 million deal. Good money to back up Matt Forte.

• I thought it was pretty lame for Jim Schwartz to show up at Kyle Vanden Bosch house at midnight. It was cool with Rex Ryan did it, but not as cool the second time around.

  • The official numbers for Julius Peppers are in.  6 years and 72 million.  With $40 mil guaranteed over first three years.  Way too much in my opinion.
  • Nice trade by Ravens to get Anquan Boldin for only 3rd and 4th round pick.  Question begs will he stay healthy?