Former Nashville Police Officer Vincent Hill Wants Steve McNair Murders Re-Opened

As many of you know, I never thought the Steve McNair case was a murder/suicide — I always believed it was murder, and I doubted that Sahel Kazemi was the shooter.

The 3rd greatest BSO article in history is:

Who Really Murdered Steve McNair? I’ve Broken The Case

I never had a personal stake in the case, but from the beginning I was told by reliable people there was more to it than the police let on.  Especially in regard to Miss Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend Keith Norwood, the police officer who arrested Miss Kazemi a few nights before, the man Miss Kazemi allegedly bought the gun from, the ballistics tests, and the friends of Steve McNair who found the body.

Also, just using common sense, it was never logical what they said happened.  CBS News did an investigative report saying how the Nashville PD made numerous errors, and now someone formerly with the Nashville PD has come forward to back up those claims.  Here is the info per

A former Nashville police officer says he will present a report to a grand jury Friday asking that the Steve McNair murder-suicide case be re-opened.

Vincent Hill, the former officer, filed a 32-page complaint last month citing what he called “numerous errors” by Nashville police in their investigation of McNair’s murder on July 4, 2009. Police ruled that the former Tennessee Titans quarterback was shot dead in his sleep by his 20-year-old girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, who then turned the gun on herself.

Hill says he spent most of his 4½ years on the Nashville police force in traffic patrol and resigned in 2006 to spend more time with his daughter. He currently serves as a fraud investigator for a credit card company and says he is working on his private investigator license. Though his history with former Nashville police chief Ronal Serpas has been described in media reports as somewhat contentious, Hill says he isn’t doing this to get back at anyone.

“My whole motivation behind this the entire time,” Hill said, “was to find answers for both families.”

It should be noted that Hill is coming out with a book, and was not a part of the investigation.  You could question his motivation, but even if his motives may be suspect, he isn’t the only one who thinks the case should be re-opened.

I always thought the Nashville PD never wanted to fully pursue the case, and it wasn’t like Miss Kazemi could defend herself.  They knew it would be a high-profile case and figured it would be easier to just say she shot him than actually finding out the truth.

From day one there were many things that didn’t make sense, and hopefully when Mr. Hill’s information comes out it will lead to more answers than questions.

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  • It's just me, but even if this woman's ex was somehow involved, for me [and it's only my opinion], it's still a matter of whom it is you become involved with when you are a high-profile anything in America. It would be switched from 'crazy girl' to 'crazy girl's crazy ex'. Doesn't change the sadness.

  • It is obivious that this officer has not seen the crime scene photos. He has no clue as to what he is talking about. I have seen them and this officers conclussions are all wrong. What would be in it for the police to not tell the truth. This ex-officer appears to believe anybody's story except the police who conducted the investigation. Looks like someone is wanting their 15 minutes of fame.

    • I'm calling BS on your claim that you have seen the crime scene photos. Don't come on to a site with some anonymous screen name making a claim that you can't back up. If you had actually viewed the crime scene photos, you wouldn't be on here blindly backing up the claims of the police. Personally, I hope those photos never see the light of day until he and Jenni's killers (aka Robert Gaddy and friends) are finally brought to justice.

      Mac was disfigured and needed clay to reshape his head so that he would be somewhat fit for burial. Anyone who believes that Jenni shot Mac like that is full of it. That was simply an execution. Now that our no-good police chief Ronal Serpas is finally gone, there will finally be a true investigation.

    • Your 15 min of fame conclusion is all wrong. Sounds a little crazy to me that the same officer that cited Steve for drunk driving in the passenger seat of his own car, Manages to pull him over again in his mistresses car and in the next few days the man is dead. And the only one able to give closer in the case apparently took her own life……wow. This was a hit and not by the ex boyfriend i would be investigating gambling debts and potential money owed. The boyfriend or ex may not be smart enough to sell a gun to the girlfriend then kill them both with the same weapon. please. There is a rat involved in this. please reopen the case im tired of the mob in the US.

  • RE: Nobody Important.

    Having dealt with metro homicide I can tell you they are either the lazy or corrupt period.
    a friend of mine was murdered across the street from where i worked a few years back. metro Interviewed 3 witnesses and left it at that. Now I was off that day but their where people that i worked with outside on break when that happened. they said wildly different things then what the witnesses they interviewed said. I passed the info along to metro homicide and the never followed up. The case remains unsolved.

  • I am no police, but I am a woman with good scense. From the begining NEVER believed that it was a murder -sucide. Even from the FACT that were given I still never believed she killed Steve. There are simply too many unanswered question. This was a cold blooded gansta style murder for the both of there. It's truely sad that Steve and Kazami's family will never know the truth…… RIP Steve

  • What's scary is that anyone believes the official version of events. It's clear to anyone with any critical thinking skills that things did not transpire the way the PDE claims.

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