Tiger Woods Scandal Used For Law & Order Episode Plot

It isn’t unusual for television shows to use real life events to base episodes around.

Two of the shows I watch a lot, “House” (Mike Tomlin is doing an excellent job juggling his acting and coaching duties) and “Chuck” reference real life events often.

“24” used real life events to base an entire season on.  I can’t lie– I miss Jack Bauer, and I hope he made it to Turkey with Allen Iverson or wherever he was going when it faded to black.

With that being said, using Tiger Woods seems to be reaching a bit for some cheap ratings, here are the details:

For those of you that watch the TV show ‘Law & Order’, you are in for a treat this week. The shows writers, in their infinite creativity, decided to put together a plot that shows a philandering golf star and his club wielding wife.

The only difference this time is the golfer is supposedly drowning in his pool after getting beat down by his wife, not crashing his Escalade.

I can just imagine how that writer’s meeting went.

Maybe this time the wife will actually get arrested as opposed to getting off free and collecting 100 million dollars.

One thought on “Tiger Woods Scandal Used For Law & Order Episode Plot

  • I can't help but think this whole thing with Tiger is racially motivated. I'm female and I don't care that he cheated. It seems we're supposed to care because he cheated on his white wife with even more white women. Apparently only white men are allowed to do such a thing.

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