Florida BBall Players Erik Murphy & Cody Larson Arrested On Robbery Charges

It’s bad enough that Florida basketball players Erik Murphy and Cody Larson were arrested and charged with felony burglary for allegedly breaking into a car on Sunday night in St. Augustine, FL. But to top it off, police have audio of the suspects plotting a story to try and avoid serious punishment.

Murphy and team manager Josh Adel sat in the back of a police car while officers tried to track down Larson. Larson eventually called one of the guys in the squad car and ended up on speaker phone so police ended up with his voice on tape as well. While Adel worried that the incident would ruin any chance of a coaching career, Murphy was more confident that no serious punishment was coming. FirstCoastNews.com had the story.

“They don’t have anything on us. We’re gonna get off,” Murphy tells Larson.

“We’re not getting off,” Adel whispers to Murphy.

“Just tell him we are so he can come,” Murphy whispers back to Adel. A second later, Murphy tells Larson on the phone, “Yo, we don’t have anything on us. We’re getting off bro.”

But it gets worse. Murphy admits to underage drinking while Adel implies that had the incident happened in Gainesville the trio may have had a better chance to get a pass.

Oh to have the vocabulary to describe how colossally stupid these three guys truly are. Instead, the best I can do is present to you The Sticky Bandits. Gators coach Billy Donovan has had the good sense to suspend all three of them indefinitely while the legal system runs its course.

Take a listen to the NSFW audio tapes below.

"We're Not In Gainesville, They Don't Give a F—" by sportsxbrooks

5 thoughts on “Florida BBall Players Erik Murphy & Cody Larson Arrested On Robbery Charges

  • im from the Providence- Boston area and this guy , Murphy is exactly like his Dad. Self-absorbed, egotistical @sshole. Look it up.

  • Why isnt ESPN covering this like the Cam Newton story? No tarnish or stain on Florida's program, either I guess? It may not be racist but it sure is racial.

  • hahaaaaaa, these guys messed up bad.

  • Haha..these guys messed up bad. Sounds like the only one who doesn’t have his head up his ass is Adel, and he let these two hooligans influence him to bad behavior. Oh well lesson learned? The other two dudes probably don’t have a very bright future.

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