Lakers Matt Barnes Punches Guy In the Face at SF Pro-Am



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Barnes must be practicing for his Basketball Wives: LA appearances by punching someone in the face during a exhibition game.  I bet Tami has a better punch though, we know Barnes likes to strong arm Gloria. He has a bit of a anger issue.

Michael Beasley when he wasn’t smoking weed, mushed a heckler the other day, so it is dangerous in these Pro-Am streets, so keep your vest on.

Barnes and Beasley better be careful, punch the wrong guy and he comes back with Shaq style goons and a gun.

Maybe the guy pointed out how Barnes was an Almost Basketball Husband and that is what got him upset, better yet maybe he said he was the 2011 Doug Christie.

That would cause me to throw blows.

Maybe Metta World Peace can refer his psychiatrist to him.


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