Linda Hogan Body Slams Hulk Hogan in Divorce Settlement, Gets 70% of His Assets

These are amazing numbers if you really think about.

Linda Hogan who has no discernible talent and never did anything to help Hulk Hogan become a global icon cleaned up in their divorce settlement.

If you are rich, you might want to use Hogan as an example of why not to get married.

– A new story about Hulk Hogan’s financial state since his divorce from Linda Hogan was finalized. Some of the details coming out of the divorce are below:

* Linda got over 70% of the couple’s liquid assets…specifically, she got $7.44 million of the their $10.41 million from various bank and investment accounts.

* Hogan agreed to give Linda 40% ownership in his companies, as well as pay out a $3 million property settlement.

* The two will be splitting the money that comes from the sales of their homes in Clearwater Beach and Belleair, Florida.

* Linda got to keep a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette, a Rolls-Royce and various off-road vehicles. Hulk got the rest.

I am trying to figure out how she got 70% of the assets when she was the one who left him for a pool boy?

Marriage is a losing bet.

12 thoughts on “Linda Hogan Body Slams Hulk Hogan in Divorce Settlement, Gets 70% of His Assets

  • Now she’s a rich cougar that’s going to have her share of young boy-toys to keep her satisfied. The marriage laws need to be changed.

  • This is Just Wrong !!!

    She didn’t break a sweat and she gets the majority ???!!!

    Well, her boy toy will be there until the money runs out. This is just wrong….

  • Lebron has made a lot of mistakes but he wasn’t as dumb as Carmelo in marrying his baby mama. La La will be waitng for Carmelo to mess up so she can take him to the bank. Lebron better let his girl be content in being a girlfriend.

    • la la get her own thing and also she is an asset to carmelo. if lebron don’t want to loss his money there is prenuptial. I think that is not the case why he didn’t marry her, it more about his “ego” (and sex) and unless he grown up or she upgrade herself in life things might not change.

  • Learn how to read. She gets 70% of his liquid assets. Liquid is different than total, all together she will probably get between 10 to 20 millions, and there’s no way the Hulkster’s net worth was only around 28 mill.

  • She also gets 40% of his remaining hairline.

    • Block in the back by Patrick. 15 yds..1st down

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