Tom Brady considering sending pair of Uggs to Terrell Suggs



Patriots vs Ravens is a very good rivalry.

Brady and Ball so Hard University alum Terrell Suggs have had some good banter over the years.  T-Sizzle has taken shots at Brandy’s manhood.

Brady always comes back with the kiss the ring defense.

When a radio interviewer dubbed their matchup Uggs vs Suggs check out what Brady had to say.

“Maybe I’ll send him a pair,” Brady joked, “soften him up.” Sure, sure, I can see that. Or not. As for Terrell Suggs, he spoke with reporters in Baltimore about Brady immediately after the game.

“He’s a great quarterback,” Suggs said. “When it’s all said and done, it’s going to be Johnny (Unitas), him and Peyton (Manning), end of discussion. We’ve got a full week to prepare for them. He’s definitely one of my favorites. I’m going to enjoy this win, and I’ll talk to you next week about the Patriots.”