Jason Terry Says Jeremy Lin is Just a Product of Mike D’Antoni’s System

I dislike when fans, media or players say someone is a…………


The reason why is because everyone runs some type of system.  No one just rolls the ball out there and says go play (maybe Mike Brown but I digress).

Yes, Mike D’Antoni has a system just like Phil Jackson had a system.  Phil Jackson’s system worked really, really, really well because it had players like Jordan, Pippen, Shaq and Kobe running it.

Lot of other teams have tried to run The Triangle and many have failed.  Same thing with D’Antoni’s system, which is why this comment from Terry has a lot of salt behind it.

Asked how much of Lin’s historic, hellacious success has been a product of New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni’s renowned offensive system, Terry told Yahoo! Sports, “To me, it’s 100 percent what it is.”

Before long, Terry stopped and corrected himself.

“Ninety-five percent,” he said.

“If you play 46 minutes (a game) in this league, you have an opportunity to put up some nice numbers,” Terry said. “Again, it is what it is. He’ll have to maintain this pace. It’s going to be tough. Ask anybody: Give them an opportunity, ball in their hands, 20-plus shots and you better do something.”

“It wouldn’t have happened elsewhere,” Terry said. “He was in (Golden State and Houston) and it didn’t happen. He wasn’t given the opportunity in those places, or with those systems. He probably didn’t fit. But in this system, he’s perfect.”

Truth be told Terry sounds very bitter.  If it was that easy why didn’t Douglas or Shumpert blow up in D’Antoni’s system?  I don’t care how great your system is, it doesn’t work without talented players.

The reason Lin didn’t shine in Houston or Golden State was he was never given the opportunity.  He would have never been given the opportunity in New York either except for injuries.

If you can ball you can ball.

Regardless of the system, so while the system can be a benefit, talent is the overriding reason for success or failure of any player regardless of the system.

Give Lin credit, when the Knicks were down, he brought them back and the only system he was using appeared to be the Kobe System.

You’re Welcome.

So I am going to have to give Jason Terry, the Jason Terry Face for his hurt feelings comments.


4 thoughts on “Jason Terry Says Jeremy Lin is Just a Product of Mike D’Antoni’s System

  • Great take and analysis on Jason Terry’s bitter and asinine comments. I have seen lots of horrible analysis on Lin’s rise but you really hit the nail on the head here. Nice work.

  • Great players and great systems need each other. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, and they’re almost always seen in tandem with each other.

    Discrediting Lin would discredit Nash, and I don’t know if Jason Terry wants to go down the road of lowballing the best PG of the recent era.

  • Huh? Jet won a ring because of Carlisle’s system. He should be the last one talking.

  • I love when you bust out the Jason Terry face, and it is deserving this time.

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