Reaction To Lebron’s All-Star Turnover Stresses Importance of Winning Ring This Year (Video)

In 2007 when Lebron single handily took a terrible Cavs to the NBA Finals, I said and I quote…

“When Lebron James puts it all together he will run off a string of NBA Finals wins”

Now in 2012, I still stand by my statement, but as each game and each season passes the pressure is mounting.  If I needed an even clearer reason why the clock is ticking this year’s NBA All-Star game was a perfect example.

For a minute we will ignore, D Wade blowing a lay up that could have East ahead, Kobe missing key free throw and Deron Williams air balling a 3 to win the game.

When Lebron did this, things became crystal clear to me.

For Lebron the only thing that matters is that ring. Doesn’t matter his stats,  the Heat’s record or how many amazing plays he has.  It is just about the ring.

Right now. Lebron is losing the battle of public perception faster than his hairline.

Blame Skip Bayless, Twitter or The Decision, at this point it doesn’t matter. What any other player in the NBA does is irrelevant. If his free agent decision was The Summer of Lebron, this particular spring and summer will be The Slander of Lebron.

He has no excuses, I don’t give him a pass, when you are the consensus best player in the world, not just the NBA, but the world the expectations are championships.

Watching the All-Star game Lebron played 47 minutes like the greatest player in the world and then one minute like a player who was concerned about what was going to be said about him the next day.

What Lebron needs to realize is even if he hits a 3 and win the game, people like Skip Bayless and delusion fans will still go in on him.

Kobe Bryant has 5 rings and people still go at him daily.

The difference is Kobe doesn’t care and Lebron needs to stop caring so much. Lebron is never going to be treated like Kevin Durant or Dwyane Wade, so he has to stop acting like he can change that perception by being politically correct.

They have made Lebron the bad guy and he needs to embrace that role. What Lebron doesn’t seem to understand is we like Villains.

We like Darth Kobe over Rapping with Brian McKnight Kobe.  Some players are meant to be the clowns like Dwight Howard and Shaq, but we prefer the killers.  Fans respect Dexter.  Get your Jack Bauer on.

It is more fun to be Lex Luther than Superman. Be the Joker, shoot Barbara Gordon and paralyze her. Be Hollywood Hogan and spray paint the NWO logo on Kevin Durant back.

Watch this video and learn Lebron………….

2 thoughts on “Reaction To Lebron’s All-Star Turnover Stresses Importance of Winning Ring This Year (Video)

  • “We like Darth Kobe over Rapping with Brian McKnight Kobe.”

    Rollin! hahahahaha Damn you are a fool!

  • Watch Kobe’s reaction when Deron Willaims airballs it. Kobe puts up his hands like, really? Is this all you got Lebron?

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