Carmelo Anthony Hurt Knicks Management Signed JR Smith Over His Objections

Our friends over at Jocks and Stiletto Jill has the scoop on this one.

My question is why would Knicks management even consult Carmelo Anthony? He isn’t in a position to give personnel advice, he can barely play with the players they currently have on the team.

With that being said, I can see how he would be upset. They asked him for his input and then ignored it.

Anthony was leery of the Knicks bringing in his former Denver teammate three weeks ago and gave a thumbs down to upper management, according to a person close to the Knicks superstar.

But, according to the source, Anthony was not gung-ho and was “hurt’’ Knicks upper management tossed his advice out the window.

JR Smith has been exactly what you expected JR Smith would be in NY. An erratic shooter, who at times gives the team a spark and is a lightening rod for controversy.

*Hi Tahiry*

Knicks are free falling right now and I am sure this latest bit of info isn’t going to help chemistry.