Dwight Howard Says He’s About Loyalty..I Say He’s Confused Child

Contradiction:  a proposition, statement, or phrase that asserts or implies both the truth and falsity of something.


Dwight Howard the 18-year-old power forward from Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy has the potential to be this year’s No. 1 overall pick. He’s also expressed his desire to put a cross on the NBA logo, as well as use his power in the league, “to make sure that everybody hears the truth about God.”

Doesn’t seem that long does it?

It has been almost 8 years since Dwight Howard with his million dollar smile and Christian Beliefs had plans to change the NBA.  Howard a self proclaimed virgin at the time, was seen as a savior, someone who could change the hoodish perception of the NBA.

He was the NEXT SHAQ, but the upgraded version.

He was Tim Tebow, well before Tebow became Skip Bayless man crush.

Then he saw Royce Reed dance and like many men before him, God took a backseat to getting it in.  That is when we learned for the first time Dwight loyalty can be easily influenced.

Be it by booty poppin or an agent in his ear, Dwight doesn’t have a lot of self control.  He is like a child looking for guidance, because he is conflicted between what is right and wrong.

I think deep down Dwight still has those Christian values, but they are compromised by people around him and his mental weakness.

Say what you want about Lebron James, but when it comes to his business, it is all business.  You might not like the way he left Cleveland, but he played his cards close to the vest, positioned himself perfectly for free agency and made the best decision for him.

Not for you, not for me, but for himself and his family.

Dwight wants to please everyone, wants everyone to like him and doesn’t want to be the bad guy.  That is nice for the movies, but in real life you have to make hard decisions that are going piss people off.

What Dwight Howard did yesterday wasn’t loyal it is………..


When push came to shove, he was scared about the backlash he would get for leaving Orlando, so instead of dealing with the issues head on, he just prolonged it.

It is like staying with your girlfriend after she begs you not to go, you agree not to sign the 5 year lease, but a short term lease to see how it works out.

That isn’t loyalty that is just being scared to move on.  Dwight says he is loyal to the Magic, he is sorry for what he has done to the fans and is committed to the team.

I have one question then.


The reason is simple, because he still has a desire to be free, but isn’t man enough to take his bags and walk out the door.  It is like a child seeing a dark room, he is curious what is inside, but afraid of the unknown.

He repeatedly stated he believes that the Magic can win a Championship this year and that is why he is staying, but lets be realistic that isn’t going to happen.  He stated that he is relived the whole thing is over, but it isn’t over.  If the Magic are bounced in the 2nd round the conversation and rumors start again.

It was a stay of execution, not a Presidential pardon.

If Dwight wants to prove his is loyal, sign the long term deal.

If not, his word is as worthless as his vow of not having sex before marriage 8 years ago.  The Magic better smarten up, before they left holding the baby.


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