Pretty Ladies: Notre Dame Assistant Coach Niele Ivey @irishcoachivey (Photos)


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I have to be honest.

I was half watching Baylor beat down Notre Dame for the Women’s National Championship, while eating a cherry croissant (don’t ask me why) when this picture of a very beautiful, but distraught young lady appeared on my TV and stopped me dead in my tracks.

My first reaction was………..

“Who is that?”

My second reaction was………

“I wish she was my coach”

My third reaction was………

Well, no need to go into that. I went to the Dollarnaire empire on Twitter for answers that is when they informed of her name Niele Ivey and her Twitter account @IrishCoachIvey.

Then I saw this pic.

This is turn had me like……….

Now here comes the ironic part. Ivey went to Catholic Grade and High School in Saint Louis, Missouri. As most of you know I was getting my Al Bundy on also in Catholic Grade and High School in the STL around the same time.

Ivey went to Cor Jesu Academy and I went to Bishop Duburg. We were in the same district and it is likely that we crossed paths at some point during those years.

Ivey went on to star and win a National Championship at Notre Dame, play in WNBA and overseas.

I went on to The Ohio State University study journalism, failed rap career and now run a Multi-Nickle website.

Small world, so when Ivey comes back for her high school reunion I think I should be her date. Spread the word.

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  • Man coach Ivy is so bad, nice thick, good hair l,pretty face, I watch notre dame games just to see what outfit she is wearing, she keep herself looking nice

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