Travis Henry Father of 11 Kids by 10 Women, Wants NFL Comeback Like Mike Vick


Travis needs to find him a real job.

The NFL isn’t calling. Vick and Plaxico are bad examples and are not remotely like his situation. It is over and he just needs to deal with it.

“In my time away, people would know who I was and talk in a disappointed way like I threw away my career,” Henry told Andy Villamarzo of the Pascoe Tribune (via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News). “It just haunts me when I think about it. I see guys like Vick and Burress and say ‘Why can’t that be me?’ “

”People make mistakes,” Henry said. ”It’s what you do after to get back up. I just want to show young kids that people make mistakes and you can get up and you can fight. You can’t ever let anyone tell you ‘You can’t’ because, trust me, a lot people told me that being reinstated was going to be impossible.”

I give him credit for working hard, but he needs to become a motivational speaker for NFL players on what not to do off the field.


  1. Damn, dude got 11 kids from 10 different women??!!! He’s another walking stereotype. *smdh*

    He needs to play in the NFL in order to support all his offspring. What other high-paying job would this fool be able to get in the real world?

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