Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu Begging LSU to Take Him Back

Honey Badger visited some of the Division II schools and realized it was like moving from Beverly Hills to Compton.  This has caused him to come running back to LSU.

No different from a guy who cheats on his girlfriend a lot whe she finally leaves him, he realizes how good he has it.

Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu has expressed interest in sitting out this season, staying in class and hoping for a return to the program in 2013, if it can be worked out with the school, according to sources.

Mathieu was dismissed from the team and suspended for the season following failed substance-abuse tests but not dismissed by the university. The possibility of future reinstatement would have to be approved at many levels, including university administration and head coach Les Miles, and it is being discussed.

Mathieu has been described as “heartbroken” and “grieving” since his dismissal from the team.

Mathieu has told people close to him that he is interested in working on his maturity and character and also in seeking out any way to continue his education at LSU.

Honey Badger did this to himself.

Frankly, LSU is protecting him because he did a lot more to get himself kicked out of school than just smoke weed.

I wish him the best and hope this is a wake up call for him.

4 thoughts on “Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu Begging LSU to Take Him Back

  • I mean absolutely NO DISRESPECT to Tyrann but from a PURELY OBJECTIVE Sports perspective… He is GROSSLY Overrated Though!!! He’s a GOOD College CB/DB with GREAT Play-Making Skillz… Especially ONCE He gets his hands on The Ball (No Doubt!!!)

    But from a Technical Standpoint in forecasting his NFL Impact at the MOST% Difficult Position in The NFL… He is SEVERELY Flawed (He wasn’t even the BEST CB on His OWN DAMN Team Though…)

    A REAL BALLER wouldn’t sit out A WHOLE YEAR (Just to be apart of a College Program…) Think Jenkins from Florida (YUP…)

    Tyrann should go to a LOWER LEVEL School and get 15-20 INTS and Some Game-Breaking Punt Returns on HIS College Gameday Film-Footage (WORD)

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