Vince Young Spending Habits: $600 Shots of Louis XIII, Buying Out Southwest Flights & More

Common question.

How do you blow almost $30 million in six years? Outkick The Coverage has a nice breakdown on just some of Vince Young’s spending.

It included the following.

  • $600 shots of Louis XIII from Morton’s restaurants for his buddies.
  • A story of how he once spent $6000 at TGIF. Yes, you heard me right TGIF.
  • He was so beloved at TGIF they made a special drink for him he purchased every time he came.
  • One time Vince wanted to be alone on a Southwest Airlines flight, so he bought all the tickets.
  • He had a Cheesecake Factory addiction so he spent $5k a week there during his rookie year in Tennessee.
  • They also mention a random story of Lendale White ordering 75 shots of Patron in 30 minutes with VY (shocking that Lendale didn’t last long in the league).

Outkick The Coverage has the radio interview from various people discussing VY’s spending habits. I have heard story for years about Young’s generosity especially in clubs with the ladies. Buying bottles for random women to get their attention.

A stripper in Dallas once claimed Young spent over $50k in one night.

Doesn’t seem like he was a bad guy, just thought the money would be there forever, which is what a lot of young athletes believe.  He certainly helped the stripper and chain restaurant economy.

I understand wanting to spread the wealth and take care of your friends, but I am sure a lot of those so called friends are long gone now.

Smarten Up Nas.

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