Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Says He Has Intense Feelings Manti Te’o


Are “Intense Feelings” just a code word for “homosexual feelings”? It is 2013, there are no need to use code words, it is obvious that Ronaiah was in love with Te’o.

Beating around the bush isn’t going to help you. Here are what sources are telling TMZ.

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo had intense feelings for Manti Te’o … feelings that developed over time that he channeled through a female persona, but the emotions — like the scam — were rooted in fantasy.

Sources very close to Ronaiah tell TMZ … he struggled for years trying to adapt to the expectations of his culture, his religion and his family. Ronaiah, we’re told, never had a serious physical relationship with anyone and created a female persona online as a way to vent his feelings.

We’re told Ronaiah used the female persona in many encounters, but so far there’s no evidence he became intensely emotionally attached to anyone — until Manti. We’ve confirmed when Ronaiah spoke with Manti as “Lennay Kekua” he used his own voice.

The only real question that needs to be answer is if Te’o was also in love with Tuiasosopo or was this just a very demented crush Tuiasosopo had on Te’o.

We know they knew each other in some capacity because they followed and DMed each other on Twitter. Video of them also surfaced outside of the Notre Dame vs. USC game embracing.

Exactly, how well does Te’o know Tuiasosopo is a question no one seems to want to ask and Te’o doesn’t want to answer.