Wrestlemania 29 Results and What it Means Going Forward for Winners and Losers

The Rock

I am not into the WWE like I use to be, but I can still use common sense, to see how last nights Wrestlemania 29 results, will affect the WWE going forward, so we will start from Rock vs. Cena 2 and make our way down.

John Cena Beats The Rock for WWE Title

Better match than they had last year, maybe it was just the familiarity of dealing with each other the second time around.  Some complained about there being too many kick outs from finishing moves, but that is what Wrestlemania is all about.  Once the match really got going the crowd was into and it was fun to watch. There was little doubt that John Cena would win, but the question begs what exactly happens now? I think they are setting up a trilogy for next year’s Wrestlemania in New Orleans. Sort of a winner take all type of match. The WWE could have taken a risk and had Cena turn heel as Rock was congratulating him, but decided to play it safe. Look for Cena to hold the belt for a while going forward.

Triple H Beats Brock Lesnar

Lesnar didn’t mess up too many spots, so the match was pretty good. Whenever Triple H does retire, it won’t be to the likes of someone like Brock. Brock has one of the easiest jobs in sports. He doesn’t have to speak, wrestles three or four times a year and collects a big salary. He won’t be doing anything different going forward. Triple H will continue in his Undertaker style role, so don’t expect to see him for another six months or so.

The Undertaker beats CM Punk

I don’t think the streak will ever officially end. One thing is becoming obvious, The Undertaker doesn’t have many matches left in him. I think they want the streak to get to 25-0, but I don’t know if that is possible with The Undertaker’s advancing age. CM Punk proved once again that he is the best asset the WWE has. He carried The Undertaker the majority of the match and stole the show even in defeat. Curious where Punk goes from here. Another feud with Cena, seems a bit stale at this point. Whoever they decide to pair him against, will definitely benefit from it.

Alberto Del Rio beats Jack Swagger Retains WWE Championship

Simply put, they should just act like this never happened. Two good performers, put in a feud that no one liked. Just take the L on this one WWE and keep it moving.

Fandango beats Chris Jericho

Jericho did Fandango a huge favor by putting him over. Fandango has the opportunity to be a great heel, because his gimmick is so terrible, but on the flip side of that, it could get annoying quickly as well. Don’t be shocked if they throw Fandango in a feud with Cena just to see how the fans react to it.

Team Hell No beats Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston to retain tag team championship

Hi AJ………..

I am intrigued by Ziggle and Big E. I think the AJ, Big E and Ziggler thing works, so they should stick with it for a while, before someone turns (probably AJ and Big E on Ziggler). Kane and Daniel Bryan are going split up fairly soon and start going back into solo feuds. It was good while it lasted.

Mark Henry beats Ryback

Bad match, Ryback is going to be a future WWE Champion, but needs a little more seasoning. He also could be in consideration for a feud with CM Punk.

The Shield beats Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton

Look for Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton to start battling each other in the upcoming weeks. As far as The Shield, the question begs, how long can they stay together before one of them breaks out to solo success. It always happens when there are stables of three or more wrestlers, so keep a lookout on which member starts standing out.

The Miz beat Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship

The Miz was in the doghouse for a long time, but is slowly coming out of it. He is one of the few wrestlers in the WWE, that is good on the mic, in the ring and has an audience outside of the WWE  (from his reality show days), so look for him to get a big push going forward.

Overall a good wrestlemania not a great one, blame Diddy.

4 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 29 Results and What it Means Going Forward for Winners and Losers

  • With all of the blatant racism in the WWE, I’m shocked Vince McMahon let Mark Henry beat Ryback!

    • Man all the racism whining is getting old.

  • It probably won’t happen, but it would be cool to see Austin v. Punk at the 30th anniversary of Mania. Can you imagine the promos that would come out of that feud? Also, I read a report that they were going to build towards Rock v. Brock tonight on Raw, but Rocky is nowhere to be found.

  • Thanks for the analysis, Robert; I thought it was a great event. Taker/Punk was easily the best match of the night! I work at DISH with a few friends who come over to my place for the big Pay Per Views, and everyone jumped to their feet when Punk hit that flying elbow on the Spanish announce table! Those are the moments that made me decide to start recording these WWE events on my DISH Hopper DVR; it records up to 2,000 hours of my family’s favorite shows. I never have to worry about my son deleting WrestleMania 29 to make room for one of his Pokemon movies.

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