Caption the Photo: Eagles OL Evan Mathis Peeing on IRS Building Sign

Evan Mathis Peeing IRS Sign

I hope Mathis doesn’t owe any Taxes, because I am sure an audit is coming his way now. He is straight on Instagram flexing,  Bleacher Report captured the photo before Chip Kelly makes him take it down and drink a protein shake (no more fast food at the Eagles camp).

Mathis is one of those quirky offensive lineman who has been around the block in the NFL, so I can’t say I am surprise.  Also the IRS has been in the news for some suspect behavior, so I believe he is trying to send a message. I think it is a crime though to pee in public and on a Federal building. Might have to ask Adrien Broner about that.

113 thoughts on “Caption the Photo: Eagles OL Evan Mathis Peeing on IRS Building Sign

  • I know just how he feels.

    • NO YOU DON’T! If you pay taxes you don’t. He does NOT pay taxes other than state income tax on home games. The NFL is a 501 (C)6 tax free organization. Because they wear pink shoes for one month a year they don’t have to contribute. Do you realize the NFL exploits death so as to never have to contribute to society on take from it.

      • The NFL may be a 501(c)6 but Mathis isn’t. He’s paying taxes on his income.

    • The IRS should be abolished and all thrown in JAIL

  • Keep voting for democrats tho… Idiots. Who do you think is giving MORE power to the IRS? Please wake up before it’s too late!

    • What are you talking about. It’s not like the democrats are putting the IRS in charge of our healthcare system.

      Oh….Oh no.

    • Please go back to sleep. Republicans pulled off the Patriot Act while you were in bed.

      • and Obama took it to new heights…..

      • You stooge, the Patriot act, under a Republican administration was used against terrorists and those that meant us harm; it was the Demoncraps that turned it against ‘We The People’.

        • Good one!

        • You both are idiots. They go hand in hand. The Republicans and Democrats are really after the same thing. Their goal is to have us argue about who did what and cause further division. Its us against them. WAKE UP!!!

          • Bryan M hit it right on the head. If you think either of these parties has your interests in mind, you are tragically out of touch with Reality. Be brave enough to do the research and shift your paradigm.

          • Yes Bryan but there is a real difference. Libs just put party/power over country.

        • That’s the problem with passing big government programs like the Patriot Act. Eventually the “other guys” get into office.

      • That’s right John, and you got your panties in a bunch when they authorized tapping phone calls suspected terrorists made out of the country, while Obama has turned our nation into one huge Big Brother is Watching fest, and that doesn’t bother you in the least. But please, don’t change, we find it humorous watching low information liberals attempting to rationalize why their messiah isn’t a corrupt and power mad despot.

      • Another mindless liberal sheep who has been programmed to bleat that there is no difference between eavesdropping on Al Queda sat phones in Afghanistan, and the American press. Being that liberals lack the mental capacity to understand the difference, they do not even feel shame and humiliation when the dutifully re-bleat what they have been brainwashed with by their masters…

      • I seem to recall that the current VP, Plugs Biden, was the author of the Patriot Act…although not totally happy GWB signed it. It continued to get worse under Dear Leader

      • …and thank Christ they did. BTW, obanana still has it in place.

      • You’re ignorant johnboy. the patriot act passed with a

      • You’re ignorant johnboy. the patriot act passed with a BIPARTISAN vote of BOTH the house and senate.

    • njui: please don’t be stupid. Democrats and Republicans are the same. Two heads of one cobra.

      • Wow, the liberals sure are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to figure out how to spin this…

        • All the libs that are being questoned are starting to say “I was only following orders” It seems I heard that alot after world war 2 by the murderes that where on trial

    • Repubs and Dems are to blame. All citizens should wake up and start voting these self centered politicians out of office regardless of whether they are a red clown or blue clown.

    • You have to be as dumb as a democRat to support Odummy and the rest of his corrupt regime.

  • I didn’t know Mathis before this incident…but now a fan for life.

  • He’s not pissing on this KGB / Mafia sign.

    He’s just paying his fair share.

  • What an idiot.

    • you’re right, He’s an idiot…Poop lasts longer!”

      • giggle, giggle, giggle

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