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Niners Colin Kaepernick Dating Teyana Taylor (Photos)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, November 21st, 2013
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Jocks and Stiletto Jill has all the details, but the short version is this.

Teyana said she was hopping on a plane and next thing you know she was on Kap’s couch wearing this.

Teyana Taylor Colin Kaepernick

I assume that they could just be friends or they could be ummmm sleep over buddies. I have all my pretty lady friends half naked on my couch all the time, but I am big baller like that (that’s sarcasm people).  Kap was linked to Sanaa Lathan earlier this year.

Colin Kaepernick Teyana Taylor

Thanks to the lovely Necole Bitchie for the photos.

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  1. MYC says:

    Dating?!?? You’re too nice. She’s now part of Kaepernick’s rotation. He just had an escort at his house the other week putting up Instagram pics. This guy’s community peen, no wonder he’s so distracted and playing like crap. But who knows? Since the blogs are carrying the story and Teyana’s kinda famous, maybe he’ll let this one stick around a while.

  2. Ummmm says:

    You can make assumptions but at the end of the day I’m sure his sofa wasn’t the only sofa sold. Yeah you can trash women who are there just for the money but Teyana has her own career which changes the whole ball game.. So what if they are talking, it’s there business.. Football players are the beginning & the end & half of them end up broke after playing. They are regular people who have jobs but just with a higher pay grade. Enjoy cheering for them instead of prying into their personal business. Unless you want to be a gossip blog..

  3. Ladybball says:

    Colin loves women of color, have to respect him for that. Anyeay, I like Teyana Taylor, she has her own style and does her own thing. Don’t know why she recieves so much hate.

    • BlackPeople says:

      So if Colin dated white women you wouldn’t have any respect for him, even though his birth mother is white, and his adoptive parents are white? Lol! When Colin dates asian, hispanic, and middle eastern women, do you get upset or do you consider those races women of color, even though they don’t themselves? Do you see how ridiculous your statement is. Your judgement on him is based on who he dates makes no sense.

    • The Geode says:

      “Woman of color”? Hardly. WHY is it necessary for us Blacks to glum onto ANY famous person who would happen to have a modicum of Black DNA even when the person themselves don’t necessarily consider themselves “Black”?

  4. allday everyday says:

    He does consider himself black..hes a Kappa, and i agree w he does love black women to many black half black men have disowned black women, dont consider us as an option for dating or marriage most black sports men are wth black non black women if you are not a black woman you would never be able to understand how it feels to be unwanted or loved or to see your men flocking to non black women even if you are educated have self respect self worth and keep yourself presentable and know how to treat and talk to a man…they group all black women into the gheto ugly category, but you cannot see that. Im glad Colin dates black.

  5. sydney says:

    Kaepernick is a kappa and he identifies as black. Just glad he sees the beauty of dating black women. Just like Obama, Boris kudjoe and many other men that where raised by the white side of the family.

  6. Sandy Plains says:

    To be considered black in the United States not even half of one’s ancestry must be African black. But will one-fourth do, or one-eighth, or less? The nation’s answer to the question ‘Who is black?” has long been that a black is any person with any known African black ancestry. This definition reflects the long experience with slavery and later with Jim Crow segregation. In the South it became known as the “one-drop rule,” meaning that a single drop of “black blood” makes a person a black. It is also known as the “one black ancestor rule,” some courts have called it the “traceable amount rule,” and anthropologists call it the “hypo-descent rule,” meaning that racially mixed persons are assigned the status of the subordinate group. This definition emerged from the American South to become the nation’s definition, generally accepted by whites and blacks.

  7. LInda says:

    What career does Teyana Taylor, have. Seriously not to sound harsh!

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