Giants WRs On Seattle Secondary: They Play By Their Own Rules


The rules may have changed for defensive backs and how they are allowed to challenge wide receivers, but if you ask Giants receivers, the Seahawks didn’t get the message.

The Seattle Seahawks do their thing in the secondary, and there may not be a better overall secondary unit in the NFL.  Ask the Giants receivers, and they’ll tell you that the Seahawks play by their own rules.  

“They seem to just not care about how the rules have changed,” Murphy said of the Seahawks. “They still play old school football, so that’s how you gotta combat that. Play old school football with them – grab and push back.

“Last night I was watching film on them, just catching up on the DBs. They are the most penalized secondary in the NFL so they do get a lot of calls, but there are a lot of no-calls they get, too.”

Richard Sherman has allowed just 28 catches and two touchdowns this season. Safeties Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas both have opposing quarterback ratings under 67 – good enough for the top 20 in the NFL.

“It’s amazing, the things they get away with,” Rueben Randle said. “So we have to go into this game not expecting to get any calls.”