Andrew Bynum Confirms Taking Half-Court Shots During Cavs Scrimmage

Andrew Bynum Playing Through Pain In Knee.

You can always count on Bynum to be honest, even if it isn’t politically correct.

He doesn’t lie about the things that are said about him. It was reported that the last straw in Cleveland was Bynum taking half court shots during a scrimmage and Bynum confirms that story to the Indianapolis Star.

Bynum raged against the shoot-first guards. During a practice, Bynum said that he launched a shot from midcourt, clearly out of the rhythm of the offensive play. Another day during a scrimmage, he did not like a call from assistant coach Phil Handy and mocked him as “a horrible referee.”

“Those are the two things I did,” Bynum says. “I did them on purpose because it was over there for me.”

Bynum also didn’t care for Mike Brown’s coaching style.

“It’s kinda like, if I send you to the grocery store and I give you three choices for peanut butter, you’ll probably pick one easily. But if I give you 25 choices, you might stand there for half an hour. Having it be too detailed may not always be the right thing,” Bynum says.

Honest Bynum.