Shaq’s Son Shareef Says He Can Score Against LeBron 1 on 1 (Video)

Shareef O’Neal, the prep star and son of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently committed to the University of Arizona. TMZ Sports caught up with the younger O’Neal and asked about his desire to play LeBron James 1 on 1. O’Neal mentioned two years ago that playing Bron would be a dream. The future Arizona Wildcat held firm on wanting to play Bron, and while recognizing Bron’s greatness, the young fella believes he could score on the King.

You have to admire O’Neal’s confidence, and truthfully what do you expect him to say. Any athlete whose goal is to make it to the elite level of their respective sport has to have a level of delusion. What I mean by that is, the chances of becoming a professional athlete at the highest level are extremely small. The NBA only has 450 available roster spots. Do you know how good you have to be at basketball to make it? Anyone that thinks they are NBA caliber has to believe they belong on the court with the best and upper echelon. Whether he can actually score on Bron or not is irrelevant, he believes it and that’s what matters.

Check out video of Shareef O’Neal talking Bron 1 on 1. He says Bron has his number and should call him.

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  • Sad part about it is that if Lavar Ball said that it would be a lot less credible, but gain a lot more attention.

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