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Brandon Roy & Jamal Crawford in Marijuana Controversy?

Catch the cameo’s of Brandon and Jamal? There were also a cameo of an interesting substance at 1:48-1:49 mark. Why would NBA players be involved in such a video? Brandon issued a statement:

“The first thing when I seen it, I was really disappointed with myself. I’m usually a guy who’s very conscious of what’s going on around him. It was a situation where I was at a tournament that I regularly attend every year. It’s for a really good cause. A couple of old friends of mine asked at first could I just take a picture for their website. I didn’t even look into it. I just took the picture. Later on, they asked if it was ok to shoot the video in our area. Initially I didn’t think anything of it. There wasn’t any music, it was just two guys talking to a camera, from what it looked like to me.

“As I thought about it, I said let me step away from this just in case. I never really looked back into the situation. I should have asked those guys what were they actually talking about. It’s something that I don’t want to make any excuses for.

“They’re old friends. For me, I was trying to be nice but at the same time I don’t want to be a part of something like that.”

Brandon says it best, he trying to be nice and ended up used. Crawford did not issue statement but i believe he feels the same way. Reminds me of the Tebow incident where company used his likeness to promote its product. These “rappers” seem to try similar ploy to sell their music. I’m not even mentioning their names, don’t need any added publicity. Of course this is coming off the heels of Udonis Haslem’s recent arrest for possession of marijuana. League is probably extra sensitive to issue. Not going to assume Roy and Crawford do or don’t smoke, but i’ll give them benefit of the doubt. Don’t recall them ever being in trouble. Now if Roy is smart he is telling his “boys” to take down video or at very least edit him and Jamal out. The longer its up, the longer he will be questioned for it. This is not first time players have been questioned for marijuana…

A few years back Josh Howard had his issues with weed claiming he and many players smoked.

More recently Joakim Noah was spotted allegedly purchasing drug paraphernalia via Deadspin.

Bottomline, not smart for players to be linked to drugs in any way. Brandon and Jamal should take it as a lesson learned, be aware, cameras are always around. Last thing you need is a headache and call from David Stern.

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Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter here.