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Delonte West Breaks Wrist..Out Two Months for Celtics

When he wasn’t fighting teammates, checking the artillery or getting his Tony Parker on allegedly, West was playing some decent ball for the Celtics.

He was providing solid back up support for Rondo, and with West being a bigger guard, he gave the Celtics more defensive flexibility than Nate Robinson.

The Celtics, who look prime for another NBA Finals run, cannot afford too many injuries.  They are an older team and need to be healthy to take on the Young Guns in the East.

Here are the details:

Boston Celtics guard Delonte West is expected to miss at least two months after suffering a severe fracture to his right wrist, two team sources said Wednesday night.
West, a 6-foot-3 combo guard, was expected to provide backup minutes to starting point guard Rajon Rondo.
I am not big on the regular season, it is all about being healthy during the post season.  The Celtics are a vetern team, so winning on the road is not a big deal, but they need to hope Shaq and the others are at full strength when the games really count.