Draymond Green Troll Cavaliers With Bitter Reminder of Final Losses, Here’s What He Had to Say (Video)

“You Do What You Want When You Poppin” is the mantra for 3-time NBA champion Draymond Green who is all about the petty when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even though Green isn’t playing, he of course like a true savage, felt the need to put his foot on their necks with a video inside their building. Even Jon B doppelgänger Klay Thompson has got involved.

When even mild-mannered Klay Thompson is calling the Cavaliers “idiots” for their infamous Halloween party decorations two years ago, it was only a matter of time before Green entered the fray.

I’m all here for petty, and the Warriors lead by Stephen Curry have plenty to serve up. Flip to see the video of Green trolling the Cavs. Shout out to all the Cleveland fans who stayed after Lebron left.