Odell Beckham on Being Serious With His New Girlfriend Lolo Wood; Takes Her to ESPYS After Party and Asks People to Ignore Her Criminal Past (Pics-Vids-IG)

Odell Beckham has never been one to shy away from the spotlight throughout his years in NFL. He is quickly becoming one of the most popular figures in the sports world with attention to him everywhere he goes. Last night at the Espy awards Beckham debuted a new haircut. This was quite scene as most people probably forgot what he looked like without his trademarked blonde hair.

Alongside Odell was his date to the show Lolo Wood. Lolo is mostly known on social media for her modeling and in real life known for dating undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather. She is quite a beauty and has been linked to a few celebrities, but only to have been confirmed dating Floyd. She will hopefully find lifelong happiness with Beckham and not be apart of the newfound trend of the same small group of women dating the same small group of celebrity men.

It’s been a few months now the two have been dating. Odell hopped in her DM’s and took his shot as she unsurprisingly said yes. He’s also been quite protective of her dating back to when trolls were attacking her via social media and clapped back on his own account. Odell seems to be turning over a new leaf as of late. He cut his hair, settled down with Lolo and playing for a new team.

Flip the pages for them at the ESPYS afterparty via Sports Gossip and OBJ asking people to not bring up her past.