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Jackson State Football Players Greet Brittany Renner as She is In Town to Celebrate Homecoming

As we have spoken about before, Brittany Renner is an alum of Jackson State and led the women’s soccer team to a SWAC title back in 2010. Now that she is no longer with PJ Washington and has more freedom to do what she likes, she has been making various appearances across the country.

Mostly, club appearances, but also some fashion shoots and other things.

She was just in Virginia doing a club appearance and taking a lot of photos and videos with her fans.

PJ Washington looks to have moved on as well since he has been bringing an IG model to the Hornets games who looks a lot like Renner, so maybe he hasn’t gotten over her but just found a duplicate replacement.

This weekend Ms. Renner will be hosting the post-game afterparty at the MBAR in Jackson.

She touched down in Jackson just a few hours ago, and to say the football players were hyped to see her would be an understatement. Like many young people, they went right to Instagram to ensure everyone saw they were getting that hug and love from Ms. Renner. There is possibly a Deion Sanders sighting, but it is hard to tell because it was brief.

Renner will be attending the game, and I am sure a lot of twerking will be happening afterward. Ms. Renner is leaning into her new catchphrases of “Hide Your Sons” and a “Loyal Slut”, but she appears to be single for the moment. Some rumors she had gotten back with an old flame in married rapper Kevin Gates, but if that did happen, it seems it was just a brief fling. 

With that all being said, I am sure you are tired of reading and just want to see the pics and videos of her on campus and twerking.

Flip the pages to check her out with the football players.

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