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Jags Players Break Huddle With “GRIND” Chant and Bust Out Laughing at Urban Meyer

I don’t think the Jags players are taking this as seriously as the media is.

I spoke to one of the Jags players who wanted to stay anonymous, and they told me this.

“It is hilarious and sad at the same time. We just want to win a game, we don’t care what he is doing with his side chicks, but it is ironic because he is always preaching accountability.”

I will assume they always end their huddles with GRIND, but after they did, it realized the irony of it all.

The only thing that is going to make this go away are wins.

If Urban can somehow figure out a way to beat the Titans this week, it will change the whole narrative. If they lose or, worse, get blown out, I am not sure how much longer he will be able to last.

He can’t afford to start the season 0-10 or something like that.

The pressure will get too great, and likely, something will have to be done.

As far as the young lady Urban was dancing with, Cayman, Nebraska, is still keeping a low profile. She has opened up her Instagram to a select few after going private, but for now, it appears she is hoping the whole thing blows over.

No word on what would happen if she was to run into Shelley on the street.

Urban doesn’t seem concerned about Shelley leaving him. He said this was just a speed bump on the marriage, and considering Shelley used to make lunch for Aaron Hernandez, he might be right.

If you were the Jags owner, what would you do with Urban?

If you fire him, you have to do it with cause, or he will be entitled to all his money.

The best thing might be to buy him out and keep it moving.

Flip the pages for the Jags players cracking up and photo of Ms. Nebraska.

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