LSU HC Ed Orgeron Would Let His “Girlfriends” Run Practice and Let Their Kids Run Drills With The Players – BlackSportsOnline
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LSU HC Ed Orgeron Would Let His “Girlfriends” Run Practice and Let Their Kids Run Drills With The Players

Coach O was wilding out after his divorce.

Ed Orgeron was married for 23 years, and by all accounts, the marriage was a solid one. He filed for divorce as soon as he won the National Championship and knew he was about to get a big contract extension. Coach O who is 60 years old now, started to go on dating apps and collect young blonde girlfriends from around the Baton Rouge area.

It got so bad that Coach O hit on an LSU’s official pregnant wife at the gas station. When she informed him who she was, that she was married and pregnant, Coach O didn’t see the issue.

If Coach O had kept it off the field, all of this stuff might have stayed hidden, but Coach O liked to flaunt his ladies to his players and coaches to the point he was bringing them to the facilities and letting their kids run drills.

With regards to Orgeron’s personal life bleeding into his coaching life, sources also tell @WBRZ that there were multiple practices where “girlfriends” would be in attendance at practice and would “interfere.” To the degree of children of the women taking part in drills with the team.

Coach O had his ladies running Oklahoma drills?

This is what happens when you think you are untouchable and the King of a City, but without Joe Burrow, Jamarr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Joe Brady, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, etc., it became clear very quickly that Coach O’s role in that National Championship run was very minimum.

Think Barry Switzer with the Dallas Cowboys.

He was the head coach, but the team won despite him, not because of him.

Please don’t feel bad for Coach O. LSU is giving him $17 million to take his ball, his blondes, and go home after the season.

Flip the pages to see Coach O acting crazy with his ladies on campus.

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