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Tyrone Evans Clark Who Is A Celebrity Is Happily Single

Tyrone Evans Clark who is a television / film actor, and filmmaker who known for Velvet Buzzsaw, Dating #NoFilter, Netflix’s Magic For Humans, and more is happy just as he is single.

Tyrone went viral on the web when he said “They usually run away from me for some apparent reason, but I just don’t know why… and honestly I really don’t care because I’m delicious” in 2018, which he explained to Vivica A. Fox on Face The Truth tv series. In other words this pretty much meant he’s happy being single.

And while speculation continues for something to spark for Tyrone with Justice Williams on FOX’s Phone Swap (2018) and with Chris from MTV’s Flex on My Ex (2019), Tyrone has always been fine just by being single and doing his regular thing in the entertainment field.

Reporters agree that Tyrone is a rising A-Lister who has said multiple times throughout the years that he is living his best single life.

When Tyrone spoke to Vivica A. Fox in 2018 about the reasons for why he is single, Tyrone kept repeating himself on and off-set with these viral words “I’m delicious so I guess that is their loss.. because it is not mine.”

“I always enjoyed being single because I get to play a lot of Patty Caking Sessions,” he told Vivica. “I was in heaven, ‘This is my life.’ And I have grown up a lot.. even though I still enjoy being a nudist, but I’m happy just being delicious.

Also thanks for the free underwear.. I will promise not to cut a hole in the back of them.”

But the Multiracial – African – American and Pansexual entertainer isn’t the only star who enjoys the hot single life!

Tyrone Evans Clark, Emilia Clarke, Halle Berry and others have all discussed how putting yourself number one in your book and just focusing on your dreams while fulfilling your higher-self.

Tyrone told us in September 2021: “It’s okay being single…really it is and there is nothing wrong being to yourself. Some people just need time and room to grow, and this might require not being with someone ‘I’m delicious’, delicious..oh yes and you are too!”

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes self love is the best love.