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Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble Cheated on Her Husband With Dalvin Cook; Husband Divorced Her For Allegedly Stabbing Him

This story took so many twists and turns last night that it was tough to keep up with everything going on and all the accusations thrown back and forth between Cook and Trimble’s attorneys.

I am going to summarize what we know so far. Remember, these are two different accounts of the same incident.

Sergeant Trimble says she and Dalvin Cook started dating in 2018 (keep that year in mind for later).

Cook and Trimble both agree their off-and-on relationship was toxic.

This all came to a head on November 19th of 2020, so almost a year ago.   According to Trimble, she flew to Minnesota to break up with Cook and retrieve her belongings. She entered his home through the garage. She doesn’t say if Cook invited her in or not. Trimble says Cook got upset while she was getting her things, so she attempted to mace him, and then he threw her into a coffee table. Trimble then retrieved a gun she said to protect herself while Cook was hitting her with a broomstick.

Cook’s version of events goes like this.

Trimble broke into his house with a stolen garage door opener, immediately started assaulting him, and sprayed him with mace. She then retrieved a gun and held him and his houseguests hostage for hours. When she tried to assault one of his female guests, Cook sprang into action, causing her to injure herself in the ensuing melee. 

Two interesting things.

The first, there is evidence to back up both their stories. Trimble has a text message from Cook apologizing for what he did and begging her to come back. Cook has witnesses to back up his story and a video of Trimble threatening to shoot and assault him.

The second thing and the question I am getting asked a lot is why didn’t anyone go to the police. The answer is simple after all the fighting and gunplay, Cook and Trimble got back together for an extended period of time.  They didn’t officially break up until May of 2021. That is a whole six months after the incident. According to Cook, that is when Trimble started trying to extort him for money.

A couple of other notes, when Trimble and Cook got together, she was married to a man named Irvin Nesbitt.  It is unclear if Nesbitt knew she was cheating on him (he does now), but sources say the reason he decided to go through with the divorce is that Trimble stabbed him, and that was the final straw for him. The divorce was filed in August of 2019 a full year after Trimble and Cook started hooking up.

Flip the pages for all the evidence that Cook and Trimble have presented, and you can make your own judgment on who is right or wrong in this case.

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