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Video of Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble Threatening to Pull Her Gun Out and Shoot Dalvin Cook

Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble is suing Dalvin Cook for a reported $13 million.

It all comes down to an incident at Dalvin Cook’s home. No one denies there was an altercation at the home, but their version of events differs significantly.

According to Trimble, she was simply coming to Cook’s house to break up with him and get her stuff.

She claims Cook assaulted her, threw her into a coffee table, and hit her with a broomstick. Cook says she broke into his house, maced him, and held him at gunpoint.

Trimble states she did grab a gun, but it was for protection.

Whatever happened the next day, Cook took her to the airport, and they continued to hook up. Eventually, they broke up, and that is when she decided to sue him.

They tried to work out a settlement, but nothing came of it. Neither filed a police report.

Neither Trimble nor Cook called police or filed a report about the night in dispute. The lawsuit includes text messages purportedly from Cook to Trimble saying, “I know what I did can’t be rewind…If you wanna go to the police I’ll respect that I’ll take my punishment for what I did!”

They saw each other off and on afterward until permanently splitting in May.

Valentini counters that Cook was the victim of assault that night, and that he was defending himself after she entered his home without his consent, punched and Maced him, then held him hostage with a firearm. He contends Trimble was knocked to the ground when Cook tried to stop an attack on one of his guests.

BSO exclusively has a video of Trimble threatening to get her gun and shoot Cook. She is also seen pulling on Cook’s hair.  Trimble has counted with text messages and photos showing her injuries.

Flip the page for the video.

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