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Jeremy Kamperveen Arrested for Blackmailing Democratic Senator Lauren Book With Her Nudes

Do you think Fox News would have put them on air?

Would Tucker Carlson stooped so low? At this point, Fox News can get away with almost anything so that I wouldn’t have put it past them.

This kid is likely going to jail for a long time over some gift cards via the Miami Herald.

According to the arrest report filed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Book — whose name is redacted — complained to FDLE that she had received multiple text messages from an unknown number that included two photographs of the senator “with exposed breasts” and also threatened to “leak the photos to Fox and her career would be over.”

Book told agents that she recognized the pictures of her breasts as those “she had taken of herself and only shared with a close friend.”

The undercover agent asked what the person wanted in return, and he replied: “I am here because you turn me on. If you wish to pay money instead, then I can take that deal. I truly was only here for pictures and videos so I did not think about a reasonable cash reward. It would not be a small amount so take your choice.”

He then offered to “wipe all the photos and videos and block the number” in exchange for “some gift cards, call it a Christmas gift and I’m thinking around $5,000.”

When the agent attempted to negotiate the amount down, Kamperveen allegedly responded: “I need convincing. How about 3 and [oral sex]?”

They ended up arresting him at Starbucks.

The real question is, how did the nudes go from a close friend into the hands of a 19-year-old?

That is something that needs to be looked into, if we are being honest. Book might have a mole in her ranks.

Flip the page for the Feds’ undercover work to catch the teen.

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