Brittany Renner Says She Tried to Mold PJ Washington Into the Man She Wanted Him to Be But Failed Miserably – BlackSportsOnline
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Brittany Renner Says She Tried to Mold PJ Washington Into the Man She Wanted Him to Be But Failed Miserably

Brittany Renner has blamed herself for the breakup between herself and her baby daddy PJ Washington in a recent interview posted on WAGS Unfiltered Instagram page. According to Brittany, she’s taking responsibility for the part she played in breaking up her relationship with Washington.

A few months ago, PJ Washington denied wild rumors of him paying a whopping $200K in child support for Brittany Renner via Basketball Insiders;

Charlotte Hornets power forward PJ Washington is denying the social media rumor that he is paying $200k per month in child support payments to ex-girlfriend Brittany Renner. Yesterday on Twitter, the 22-year-old power forward broke his silence.

He posted, “Stop the cap.” For older adults, this is slang for “stop the lies.” Renner is a 29-year-old fitness model and social media personality. Their relationship first started back in 2019 when Washington played for the Kentucky Wildcats.

In May 2021, Washington announced they had a baby boy together.

The thing about molding someone into who you want them to be is that it has to be a mutual thing. Relationships are supposed to make each individual a better person, but if the person doesn’t want to make any changes you are going to run into a problem and that is what appears to happen to Brittany. In her mind, she saw what a long-term healthy and happy relationship could be and PJ wanted to bang IG Models because that is what young NBA players do. That is why it is important when you do date someone especially if you plan on having a child with them, you guys are on the same page about what you want mentally. You have to be going the same way on the same track or it will all blow up in your face.

It is good to see Brittany understanding where she went wrong so she doesn’t make the same mistake again.

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