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Shannon Sharpe on Bronny James Taking White Girl Peyton Gelfuso to Prom

Shannon Sharpe has some thoughts on Bronny James’ white high school Prom date backlash and according to him, it’s ridiculous. Shannon says Bronny is living his life and can’t live the lives of others. People lashing him out and trolling him should get that into their thick skulls.

According to Side Action;

Bronny James is doing things normal kids do at his age.

Even though he’s the son of the most famous basketball player on the planet (currently playing) he’s managing to live a normal life, relatively speaking. Bronny looked extremely happy to be at his prom, and it is pretty sad that some people tried to go negative about who he took to prom.

TMZ caught up with Shannon Sharpe and they asked him about Bronny’s prom date hate.  Sharpe finds this all to be quite ridiculous, as Bronny should be allowed to live his own life all while dating who he pleases, regardless of race.

“People would rather you be miserable with someone your own race than you be in love with someone of a different race,” Sharpe said. “It is so utterly ridiculous. People need to get a life. Bronny can’t live his life for someone else. He has to live for him. And, far too many people live their life for other people.”

As we have always said you can date whoever you want to date as long as you aren’t disrespecting your own race. It is a fine line between I am dating a white girl because she is a cool person and I am dating a white girl because I find them to be superior to black women.

Only the man knows how he really feels, but anytime a high-profile person dates a white woman it is going to be pushed back there is no way around that in 2022.

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