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Khloe Kardashian on Their TV Show Faking Edits to Make it Look Like She Was Mad at Tristan Thompson For Cheating

The Kardashians have been called out following editing fails and allegedly faking of two scenes in season one of the “The Kardashians” and Khloe Kardashian is here to let us know what actually happened.

Buzz Feed News got more;

Now, during her brand-new Hot Ones interview with Sean Evans, Khloé Kardashian turned up the heat and spilled the tea on all the behind-the-scenes editing fails you may — or may not — have missed.

While making their way through the show’s infamous platter of hot wings, Sean quizzed Khloé on her family’s Hulu show, The Kardashians, and how her years of experience in reality TV have made her pay more attention to detail as a viewer.

“Are there things that you notice — like how the sausage is made, details — when you’re watching, say, the Real Housewives, that the rest of us may miss watching from our couch?” he began.

Khloé — who, along with her mom and sisters, is an executive producer on the show — responded quickly and with certainty. “Definitely,” she said, before pulling back the curtain on the most common editing mishaps she spots as a consumer.

“I can tell when some audio has been put in if they need to reshoot audio, or if a phone call is faked,” she began, giving a little more insight into the editing suite.

And in spite of general assumptions that an editing fail always points to a fabricated setup, Khloé explained that these fixes are more commonly put in place to cover up technical glitches, often to do with sound or lighting.

“It’s not that those things didn’t happen, but sometimes they didn’t catch the audio or sometimes the mics go out,” she said. “I understand that a lot of [the scenes] really might be how it was, but they might just have to redo something or transition to things.”

Interestingly, she went on to discuss viewers’ fascinations with being the first to pick up on these commonplace errors, which often wind up circulating across social media.

“I know that a lot of pages or fan accounts will find— if they see an editing issue, or something like that, it could be super minor, but I’m really aware of those things and I tend to notice that stuff,” she said.

Khloe has allegedly gotten back with Tristan Thompson yet again after he cheated and got a woman pregnant.

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