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Michael B. Jordan Spotted With a Kardashian Looking White Girl After Lori Harvey Breaks Up With Him

Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey are done with their relationship and shockingly, Michael was spotted out with a white girl just a day after their separation announcement. This was a relationship almost everyone was expecting to end up in marriage but for reasons best known to them, they’ve called it quits.

According to MTO News;

Michael B Jordan and his longtime girlfriend Lori Harvey announced to People magazine that they were splitting up. Now just one day later, Media Take Out viewed social media reports that Michael was spotted out in Hollywood with a woman described as a “Kardashian-looking White girl.”

But before dating Lori, Michael had the reputation of preferring to date a different type of woman – in particular, non-Black women. Media Take Out confirmed that his last two serious relationships were both with women who could be classified as “White.”

And if the social media reports are to be believed, Michael appears to be back to his old habits.

According to one tweeter, who claims to go to the same Hollywood gym as the Creed star, Michael has been spotted at the gym with a pretty brunette who is described by the tweeter as “Kardashian looking.”

The Kardashian sisters all have a signature look – Black hair, an olive complexion, and extraordinarily large and fake body parts.

The tweeter claimed that Michael and the White woman appeared to be more than just friends, as they laughed and hugged each other before entering the gym together – allegedly.

It looks like Michael B. Jordan is going back to the milk to soothe his broken heart.

I am sure he will find love someday, but you have to be very careful dating anyone who dated Future. Everyone doesn’t end up like Ciara and she is still twerking at gas stations for some odd reason.

Be sure Michael B. and if you are getting back on the milk yacht, but sure to have a life preserver.

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