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White Sox Tim Anderson’s Pregnant Side Chick Dejah Lanee Upset He Took His Wife to All-Star Game and Not Her

Tim Anderson’s alleged pregnant sidepiece named Dejah Lanee has called him out on her Instagram Story after she saw a video of him attending MLB All-Star Weekend with his wife Bria Anderson and their kids. She’s obviously jealous!

These side chicks can be a pain in one’s a** via TPS;

Tim Anderson has had one hell of a 2022. Anderson’s marriage life seemed to be in shambles after a woman named Dejah Lanee came forward on Instagram and claimed that Tim Anderson is the father of her yet-to-born child.

Anderson, who has been dubbed “Tristan of Baseball” after a second woman claimed to have been his sidekick, came out to the MLB All-star game with his wife and kids to show that everything was just fine at home despite these other women.

One person hated seeing that and that was the pregnant sidechick. Dejah took to Instagram and called out the Chicago White Sox star for his actions.

As of now, Lanee is still showing off her baby bump, though it’s unclear how far along the influencer is as she gets closer to giving birth.

Obviously, she thought her social media posts would break up his marriage, but she was wrong.

Chicago White Sox SS Tim Anderson has allegedly gotten his sidepiece named Dejah Lanee pregnant. Cheating is in the DNA of these athletes. Tim has a wife Bria Anderson and they’ve been married since 2017, and this pregnancy by his alleged sidepiece could end their marriage. The fact that Anderson didn’t even try to hide his face while the side chick was recording is insane.

Athletes cheating on their girlfriends or wives is not unusual and we have come to expect that these men who have access to millions and thousands of beautiful women are likely to step out and do things they probably shouldn’t do while being in the public eye.

Tim Anderson is finding that out the hard way.

The married Chicago White Sox star got blasted by his alleged sidechick on Instagram and it appears she is saying she is pregnant with his child.

Tim Anderson and his wife, Bria Anderson, have been married since 2017 and have two daughters together.

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