Mystery Man Alerted Freddie Lee Trone and His Son to PNB Rock’s Location at Roscoe’s Before Murder – BlackSportsOnline
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Mystery Man Alerted Freddie Lee Trone and His Son to PNB Rock’s Location at Roscoe’s Before Murder

According to new docs, the cops are now searching for a fourth suspect in the murder of PNB Rock.

The fourth suspect was hanging out at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles when he saw PNB Rock walk in with all his jewelry.

This fourth suspect, according to reports, is the one who contacted Freddie Lee Trone.

The felony complaint starts by describing a mystery man who has yet to be identified. Prosecutors say he saw Allen and his girlfriend arrive at Roscoe’s wearing expensive jewelry.

Court documents go on to say the mystery man waited outside until Freddie Lee Trone arrived. The two men reportedly had a conversation before Trone left and a short time later, returned to the restaurant with his son who prosecutors said was armed with a gun.

Trone then dropped off his son a short distance away from the restaurant. His son then allegedly entered the restaurant, walked directly to the table where the rapper and his girlfriend were dining and pointed a gun at them. Prosecutors allege the teen was heard saying “Give me all of your jewelry now!”

Moments later, the teen is accused of shooting the rapper in the chest and after he fell to the ground, prosecutors said the teen shot Allen two more times in the back.

The timeline detailed in the complaint said the teen then pointed a gun at Allen’s girlfriend, Steph, saying “Show me your hands, give me that — right now. I swear to God! I shoot you in the head!”

The teen then reportedly robbed her and took her jewelry. As the rapper was dying on the restaurant floor, prosecutors said the teenager robbed him nd took his chains, watch, and pulled his rings off his fingers.

The timeline in the complaint ends with Freddie Lee Trone driving back to Roscoe’s to pick up his son before they went home. Before going home, they parked blocks away and the teen got rid of his shoes and his shirt.

The question is, why did the teen shoot and kill PNB Rock?

There is a big difference between an armed robbery and first-degree murder. Did his father instruct him to kill PNB Rock, or did he panic and do it?

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