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Watch Single Mom Emily Deeley Reveal Her Body Count in Black and Red Lingerie

According to a single mom named Emily Deeley, even though she is a single mom, sex is a top priority in her life. Emily revealed that her body count is now 60 to 70 and he doesn’t mind if a man’s body count is 1000.

The New York Post has more;

It’s the reason she became a mom in the first place, after all. 

Single mother Emily Deeley says she’s been slut-shamed by online trolls after declaring that sex is the “most important” thing in her life — but she’s refusing to back down from her belief.

Deeley, who works as a relationship coach in the United Kingdom, frequently shares sex tips online, with haters taking aim at the amorous blonde.

“I have had people call me a slut, a whore and even go as far as saying I am an awful mother and social services should be called on my kids,” the 27-year-old mom of two told Jam Press on Tuesday.

However, Deeley claims her critics are “close-minded” and “stuck in their ways,” saying “sex is the most natural thing a human can do.”

“Sex isn’t dirty and can be fun with whoever you like,” she declared.

Deeley shares her hot tips on TikTok, where she’s amassed more than 77,800 followers.

In a recent clip, the coach claimed women shouldn’t be worried if a man has slept with 1,000 women, describing it as “normal.”

She said women should worry if a man’s body count is less than 20, saying she would question what is “wrong” with him.

The mom made the declaration with a young child sitting next to her. In the comments section, she also disclosed her own body count, claiming it was around “60 or 70.”

Meanwhile, the TikTok star has caused controversy by saying men should always date younger women and that cheating with an escort is acceptable.

I understand sex is part of human beings but do you have to be going about sleeping with anyone, what happened to self-respect? Well, life is all about choices and I can’t fault Emily for wanting to sleep with more men

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