Sources: Dwight Howard Wants To Be a Los Angeles Lakers in Two Years

This is being reported by Ric Bucher of

I have heard similar rumors that Howard will go the route of the other young superstars in the league and bolt from his original team for greener pastures.

The new mentality for these young guys is if they can’t deliver a championship on their own, they will go team up with someone else in a different location.

Orlando has made radical moves to try to improve their roster, but most don’t see them as a threat in the Eastern conference.  It is possible that everything can mesh around playoff time and they can make a run, but right now it isn’t looking good.

One thing is for sure— Howard, similar to others, will not be signing an extension any time soon.

So do not be surprised if he takes the Shaq career path to LA.  Ironically, while Shaq got a Young Kobe when he left for LA, Howard would be getting Old Kobe, but the results could be the same.

7 thoughts on “Sources: Dwight Howard Wants To Be a Los Angeles Lakers in Two Years

  • i was born nd raised in LA nd grew up a Laker fan and Ndongo must be living in the good side of LA cuz no matter what they do to LA it will never become as beautiful as Paris, i can see it surpasing NY but not Paris. Polution there sucks balls but the beaches are the best. with that said it would be an honor having Dwight play for the Lakers but i see him resigning with the Magic.

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