Ed Reed’s Brother, Brian Reed Missing After Jumping into River to Avoid Police

When I first saw the headline I thought I was reading it incorrectly.

This is something that only happens in the movies, not real life, but it appears Ed Reed’s brother Brian to avoid capture from the authorities jumped into the Mississippi River and now no one can find him.

Police said that Reed took off running when officers were handcuffing him near the frigid Mississippi River. He was pursued for a short time before bounding into the river and swimming out approximately 15 feet, according to police. Police saw him go under water and resurface, but they have yet to see him again. Police and family members have been waiting to see if he returns to the banks. The water was estimated to be around 40 degrees.

Brian Reed was stopped for allegedly running another driver off the road, and it was later determined that he was driving a stolen car. Reed’s mother, however, disputed that claim.

The details are a little sketchy why Brian Reed went to these extremes to evade authorities.  It seems to be over the top just for riding in a stolen vehicle.  According to Reed’s mother he was driving the “family” car, but that is hard to believe someone driving their own car would take such actions.

I hope that Brian Reed surfaces alive at some point, because driving a stolen car is not worth losing your life over.

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  • I'm a cop, and I can't get my mind around jumping in the Mississippi River (in January, yet) over a stolen car–assuming the car was stolen. Senseless loss of life. It's not uncommon to see guys in some legal trouble stop thinking and do some crazy things, but usually not something that dangerous.

    I hope his family can find some comfort in this tragedy, and I hope that others might learn from this incident.

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