Tom Brady: “I Love Randy Moss, I’d Welcome Him Back With Open Arms”

Tom Brady may love Moss, but Bill Belichick doesn’t seem that interested in bringing him back.

Here is what Brady had to say.

“You never know in the NFL,” Brady said, via the Boston Herald. “I love Randy, he’s one of the greatest receivers in the history of the game, one of the greatest players I’ve had a chance to play with. But unfortunately, I don’t make personnel decisions.”

“Who knows? I can’t get into his brain,” Brady said. “I love the guy, he’s a great friend of mine, and if he ever did come back and play, I’d welcome him with open arms.”

Trying to read between the lines it appears to me that Brady is missing the one thing that Moss caused every secondary in the league to feel.


Even though Moss to me had lost a couple of steps, he was still respected enough to draw double coverage which in turn, opened out the field for Brady and also caused teams to blitz Brady less.

The Patriots brought in Chad Ochocinco to try to fill that void and the results of that have been mixed at best.

Without a legitimately deep threat the Patriots are vulnerable, Brady knows this, so maybe he should put in a call to Moss and talk to Belichick if this is something he wants to happen.

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