Terrell Owens Was Rushed to Hospital for Possible Prescription Drug Overdose

In a bit of Deja Vu, 911 was called to Terrell Owens’ home for a possible pill overdose according to TMZ. This is the 2nd time that Owens has had an issue with reactions to his medication.

It is unknown at the time exactly what drug caused the problem forcing the 911 call.

Emergency officials were responding to a call about a possible prescription pill overdose when they were dispatched to the L.A. apartment where Terrell Owens was staying last week … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, Owens was transported by ambulance to an L.A. hospital Thursday night. Cops were also dispatched to investigate — and spoke with T.O. at the hospital.

Owens has since been released.

A rep for Owens had no comment on the matter.

T.O. was famously hospitalized back in 2006 — when he insisted he had a bad reaction to painkillers … despite reports that he tried to commit suicide by inhaling 35 Vicodin pills.

It doesn’t appear T.O. is in any danger now which is good, but he really needs to be careful with his medication.  Don’t want to keep tempting fate.

5 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Was Rushed to Hospital for Possible Prescription Drug Overdose

  • Terrell is a drama queen and a cancer to any team that he is on.

  • were there cameras rolling? i smell some attention-seeking plot on his part.

  • I think this sounds like a drug dependent man and I my advice is to get into a treatment program, ASAP!!!! Thing like this just don’t happen to people who are not addicted…I know….It happened to me several times when I “didnt have a problem” too….please, please get some treatment! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!!! Best of luck!!!

  • I doubt it’s an attempt to get attention. This is the 2nd time he’s overdosed on these pills and gone to the hospital. He’s almost certainly addicted to them, and probably takes them because of his bad knee and other injuries.

    Although it may make sense at first to think that he did this for attention, the problem is, it’s not the kind of attention that anybody who’s looking to basically get a new job wants to get at all(that is essentially what he’s doing, right?)

    As a recovering addict myself, and also knowing his alleged emotional problems and knowing that having money is the worst thing that could happen to an addict, because then you have the means to let it get so much more out of control than the normal recreational drug user could realistically afford.

    I would say T.O. probably has a lot of stuff going on a lot of people have no clue about, and he expresses himself with outbursts that make people hate him, but he’s basically a textbook candidate for someone who could become a drug addict or die from it. I don’t think he was doing it for attention at all, and I unfortunately wouldn’t be surprised at any time to hear that it finally is the death of him. Hate him for what he’s done, it’s hard not to, but pray for him as you would any human being, who undoubtedly has his own demons (like everyone else) that he must struggle with. When you’re in the limelight like T.O. is, you really lose your license to make mistakes and be human.

    He does need to grow up, though, and hopefully this experience has humbled him enough to make some truly lasting changes in his life.

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