Jalen Rose Talks About the Night Kobe Scored 81; Makes Fun of Luke Walton (Video)

We don’t have video of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game, but what we do know is Philadelphia Warriors on that night scored 169 points, Wilt took 63 shots and played all 48 minutes. Probably the greatest single game of all time in any sport.

This was in 1962.

The fact that in 2006 in a game that Lakers were losing 63-49 at Halftime meaning there were no garbage points being scored Kobe Bryant produced a 81 point game is astonishing.

The fact he did it in 42 minutes is even more amazing.

Hypothetically speaking if he played those final six minutes, he might not have gotten to 100, but he would would have been close.

Since this happened during the Smush/Kwame years and against the Raptors on a random NBA night in the middle of the season has sort of lessen the fact this was the second greatest individual game in the history of the NBA.

Jalen Rose was there being torched and gives us some insight.


Why Jalen has to take a shot at the greatness that is Luke Walton? I can’t confirm or deny that Skip Bayless said he scored 82 in a high school basketball game.

Here is all of Kobe’s 81 in a 3 minute minute montage.


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  • Nice interview but ..umm…why is Jalen holding a bat…..is he up next?…….I guess it’s better than him holding his balls and leaning to the side….

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