Vinny Del Negro Calls Lamar Odom Out on Being Husky, Says He Needs to Lose Weight


Lamar Odom is averaging 1ppg, 2rpg and 1apg for the Clippers while enjoying as much In n Out Burger as he possibly can now that he is back in LA.

Clippers Head Coach Vinny Del Negro tries to call Odom fat in the most politically correct way possible in this quote provided by the Sports Kings.

“I’m just trying to keep him engaged,” Del Negro said. “He knows he needs to play better. He’s lost some weight. He needs to lose more. I’m going to stick with him because in the long run he can give us something we need.”

Maybe he needs to spend more time in Khloe’s sex swing?


  1. In-N-Out burger joints have been spreading like rodents around Dallas for the past 2 yrs, IJS. That’s not Lam Lam’s reason for being a lazy sloth.

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