Dwight Howard Says He’s Not a Crybaby and Was Upset With Kobe’s Shot Selection

Dwight Howard Clown

There comes a point in time with certain athletes you just have to ignore what they are saying because you don’t know if it is true or not.

They have told so many lies and half truths over the years, the best thing you can do is just nod your head and keep it moving. Dwight Howard has entered into that category.

We saw signs of it early in his career when he claimed he was going to be save himself for marriage and a year lady had a child. We saw it with how he handle his situation in Orlando and how he hides his 5 other children from the public.

So, when he talks about his role and happiness on the Lakers just take it with a grain of salt.

“I’m not a crybaby,” Howard told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on SportsCenter on Monday. “I didn’t try to cry my way out of Orlando. That was never my intention, or not what I did at all. And I understand everybody thought it was that way because of what was being put out there. I’m not indecisive. I love this game. You know I play it because it inspires me; it inspires millions of kids around me, adults and all. And, I’m going to have fun while I do it.”

“You play with Kobe Bryant you know, he’s going to get them up,” Howard said. “But, at the same time, I have to find ways to still be effective. I can’t allow that to affect how I play. There were a lot of times early in the season where I would get upset you know, because I felt like he shot the ball a lot. And you know, I wanted some touches down low. Do I want touches, yeah. But, whatever I have to do to help this team win, I have to keep my mind in that area.”

Dwight also mentions he was a 90% Free Throw shooter in High School. I have $50 that probably is a lie too.