JR Smith Says Knicks Expect Teams To Lay Down For Them


JR Smith 2

Why in the blue hell would the Knicks of all teams think other teams would be afraid of them? They aren’t the Miami Heat, no one fear the Knicks.

They don’t have the type of resume to admire their work in the mirror. They are having a good season, but they have to understand if they continue to think they are better than they are, their playoff stay will be the same as previous years very short.


  1. Their fans have been saying that for how many seasons now? Everyone has the right words after the fact.Bottom line is just come to work! Do what you get paid millions to do. It really doesn’t matter if teams lay down or play hard just make sure you do YOUR job.Knick fans are the best fans in the league,no matter which arena you’re in you will see double figure Knick jerseys.Don’t take those fans for granted, you can lose them just as fast.

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