Eiza Gonzalez Tells Klay Thompson She Still Wants to Be on His Roster After He Gets Back With Laura Harrier | BlackSportsOnline
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After Klay Thompson’s Got Back His Girlfriend Laura Harrier His Other Lady Eiza Gonzalez Went to IG To Let Him Know She’s Still Available; How She’s Trying to Get Back in The Rotation (Pics-Vids-IG)

Klay Thompson made a decision.

He decided he wanted to be with Laura Harrier and she forgave him. She has been showing up at the games. The woman that caused their mini breakup Eiza Gonzalez isn’t giving up without a fight.

Sports Gossip has the details.

A love triangle of epic proportions has been brewing ever since Golden State Warriors sharp shooter Klay Thompson was spotted on a date with actress Eiza Gonzalez.

The word on the street was Klay had messed up, and cheated on his girlfriend Laura Harrier.

Many assumed they were done, that is up until Laura showed up to Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

She was also spotted sitting with Klay’s Mother.

Now Klay’s other ‘lady’ is trying to grab back his attention, and some shine back on her, and followed, then unfollowed Klay last night.

Clearly Eiza wanted to remind Klay that she’s still very much interested.

Why else pull a move like this?

Klay has his hands full, plus let’s not forget he’s trying to Threepeat.

Flip the page for the follow and unfollow as well as both of their pics-vids.

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