Joel Embiid Asked Ben Simmons Why He Wanted to Be Traded and Simmons Didn’t Answer – BlackSportsOnline
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Joel Embiid Asked Ben Simmons Why He Wanted to Be Traded and Simmons Didn’t Answer

Does Ben Simmons want a trade, or does Klutch Sports want a trade?

Every time someone from the Sixers, be it Doc Rivers, Daryl Morey, and in this case Joel Embiid, asked him why he wants to be traded, he never has a good answer.

I believe he was told to say he has mental health issues because there is no way to diagnose if he is lying or not, and it keeps him from having to play but makes sure he continues to get paid.

Here is what happened when Embiid confronted him directly, according to Shams.

“Joel Embiid in the meeting, I’m told, asked Ben Simmons why he wants a trade. Simmons responded that mentally he is just not feeling like himself and needs to take some time away. I’m told that was met with no response back.”

Embiid has been trying his best to make this situation work.

He offered to go to LA to talk to Simmons. He has asked Simmons multiple times what he can do on the court to make him more comfortable.

He even did this when he addressed the crowd at the Sixers’ home opener.

“It’s good to have you back!” Embiid said, receiving another roar from the adoring crowd after waiting for a loud chorus of “M-V-P!” chants to die down before starting to speak.

“On behalf of my teammates, the organization, and myself, I just want to say thank you for your support for all these years,” he said. “A lot has happened the last few months, and I hope you guys continue to support us and our teammate Ben, because he’s still our brother. Let’s go!”

This situation is far from over, but it is likely in Simmons’ best interest to come back and play well. It will help his trade value if he genuinely wants to get out of Philly.

Flip the page for Embiid, asking the Philly fans to cut Simmons some slack.

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